Malika Travel was founded by the couple Carlijn Parmet-Jansen and James Muterian Parmet in the year 2010.


Carlijn Parmet-Jansen

I first visited Africa, Kenya, in the year 2002. I could never have imagined that this family trip would have such a big impact on my life.
We made a long safari in Kenya, visiting almost every national park. At the end of the holidays we stayed a week on the coast.
What a new world, so many new impressions. Beautiful wildlife parks with so many different landscapes, lots of animals, beautiful cultures that still live traditionally, so many kind and welcoming people. It was so overwhelming!
While I was on the plane back home I could only think of one thing; when could I return to this beautiful country…
Many holidays to Kenya followed, and after my Economics study I decided to continue my studies focusing on Tourism Management.
I did my internship in a hotel in Diani Beach in Kenya, I was involved in the opening of a hotel in Malindi, and did my graduation research amongst the Maasai population in Kenya. I was staying in this part of the world as much as possible, which had stolen my heart for good.
I organised holidays and safaris for friends, family and acquaintances. I helped everyone enthousiastically create their ideal trip to Africa. Finally I decided to turn my hobby into my job.
I enjoy working closely with guests in designing, planning and organising their dream trip to Africa. A family holiday, a honeymoon, a combination of a beach holiday with safari, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, anything is possible. I would be very happy to introduce you to this wonderful piece of the world in a beautiful way!!

James Muterian Parmet

I grew up as a small Maasai boy in a village called Namelok. Namelok is adjacent to Amboseli National Park. As a small boy I herded cows and goats with my brothers and my friends in and around Amboseli National Park. I came in contact with all animal species; antelopes, birds, but also big wild animals such as lions and elephants. I started to understand their behavior and I could recognize their sounds from afar. I also learned a lot about wildlife at school.
Since I was young I used to see “wazungu” (whites) in safari cars many times. All were looking for wildlife, all carrying large cameras and binoculars. Many threw sweets to the Maasai children from the cars.
For us, there was no difference between the tourists. Italian, German, Dutch, they were all “white”. Maasai villages did not exist at that time; there was a big distance between us locals and the tourists.
After completing my studies in Nairobi I left to Mombasa, to look for a job in the tourism sector. I was very interested in the safari business. I started to work as a guide on safaris in various national parks. In that way I learned more about the parks, and I could share my knowledge about the wild animals with the tourists.
With all this experience I gained, I started to organise safaris myself for tourists on the coast.
I would be very happy to introduce you to the beautiful wildlife in East Africa!

We are very happy to assist in designing, planning and creating your ultimate safari experience!

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