Tsavo National Park


Tsavo National Park is largest national park in Kenya and covers about 21,000 km². The park is divided by the Nairobi – Mombasa highway into Tsavo East and Tsavo West.

Tsavo East is known for the “red elephants”. The name comes from the red color that originates from the red soil in this area. There are many films made about elephants in Tsavo East.

Also the other members of the Big Five can be found in Tsavo East.

From Mudanda Rock and Yatta plateau you have great views. The surface of Tsavo East is essentially flat and covered with low, dry vegetation and baobab trees.

The landscape in Tsavo East is very different from Tsavo West. The habitats in West include open plains alternating with savannah bush and semi desert scrub, acacia woodlands; rocky ridges and outcrops and more extensive ranges and isolated hills; belts of riverine vegetation; palm thickets and on the Chyulu hills, mountain forest.

Tsavo West is more versatile in terms of landscape than Tsavo East, however wild animals are more difficult to find. The Big Five is present, but due to the bushes sometimes hard to see.

Mzima Springs is a frequently visited place in Tsavo West. These natural springs produce 50 million gallons of fresh sparkling water daily.

Here, hundreds of hippos blow and snort, they can also be viewed swimming underwater by means of a special submerged viewing tank. A nature trail loops through the dense indigenous forest and around the springs, offering information on flora, viewing stations and picnic areas.

Because Tsavo National Park is located near Mombasa, the park is frequently visited by tourists from the coast for short safaris.