Tarangire National Park

RT Lions

Tarangire National Park is a less visited park in the northern circuit of Tanzania, but with excellent wildlife.

It is the vast number of baobab trees that first capture the eye as you enter the park. Next to the enormous baobab trees the park is characterized by rolling hills, the permanent Tarangire River, swamps and acacias.

Tarangire has a high density of wild animals, including some special species such as elands, oryx and giraffe gazelles. The game park has a relatively large population of African elephants. There are also many buffalos, wildebeest, impalas, kudus, zebras, ostriches, lions and leopards living in the area. In the dry season the animals assemble at the marshes for fresh drinking water, which is a grandiose spectacle. With more than 550 different bird species the park is a real bird paradise as well.